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Have been using TracFone since 2005.. love it and no problems...Currntly have the LG Treasure...Wish it had more memory, but tests not TracFone's fault!


Highly recommend...

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It was all good, until recently all of my internal pics/video just vanished. I beyond po'd.

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Love the phones they offer, don't know about customer service.....

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I've been using Tracfone for over 10 years with no problems. I've never had to contact customer service in all that time. A couple of months ago I gave a Premier to a friend who is 82 with failing memory and I'm concerned for his safety. He lost the phone last week.


This first thing I did was call QVC C/S. I was advised not to turn off the phone, order a new one and then transfer his number and minutes to the new phone. Meanwhile another friend of his turned off his old phone. I thought his number and minutes were lost forever.


But when the new phone came, I called Tracfone C/S for help. I had all of John's personal info like his pin# etc, so they were able to help me on his behalf. Sure, we had a bit of a language problem, but with patience on both sides, we were able to work around that. After a half an hour, the Tracfone representative was not only able to retrieve John's phone number and minutes from his old phone, she gave him an extra 500 free minutes just because she was a thoughtful human being.


I can't say enough good things about Tracfone and the great products/services they offer...

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I ordered the one Evine had as a TSV a few weeks ago and I don't know whats's going on with Trafone, but it was more trouble getting my minutes on the phone than it was worth. I went through 3 reps before I finally called it quits and returned the phone. I am not new to Tracfone and never had any problem getting my new phones up and running, but this time it was just too much trouble. From now on I will not start up with a rep who has a heavy accent and that I cannot understand. Their website has changed also and is not as easy to navigate.