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I would like some reviews from those of you using Tracfone currently and what you think of the service, etc. I've never used it before but have seen it many times on QVC. I'm really tired of the poor service I have from AT&T and thinking about cancelling it. Please any info and advice would be appreciated.

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one of the WORST customer service experinces i have ever had with a phone!!!!!  On phone with tracphone and qvc for more than a hour!!!! could not get mypromised 1200 minutes.....tracphone rep accused me of using 1200 minutes just 10 minutes after i entered pin # to get the 1200 minutes !!!!! this is a joke.....

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I've never had a problem. I purchased Tracfone thru QVC. Did everything online. Never needed a service rep. Some say it really depends on who you get.
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I've used a Tracfone for 5-6 years and have talked to their CS and had satisfactory outcomes. They cannot give you your free minutes although they can transfer your old minutes over. To get new minutes you need info from the source where you bought the phone.
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I totally agree that Tracfone is horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Their customer service is the worst I have run into and I was NEVER able to resolve my problems with the phone.  Problems with making calls (never was able to make one call- my area is ok'd for calls) left me using all my minutes with customer service--they don't speak english.  Their customer service is not based in the U.S.  I ended up throwing the darn phone in the trash and got a phone through Consumer Cellular.  They are 1000% better.  Don't waste your time on Tracfone.  I am amazed that QVC promptes this piece of junk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Bought the tracfone TSV last October.  Love it!  I think when my year is up and I need to reload, I will just get a new phone...think it will be cheaper.  My 2 year verizon contract is up in September and I am not renewing it.  Going to use the tracfone exclusively.    $100 a year for a cell phone is a much better deal !

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I bought the alcatel 5 inch pop icon tracfone deal from hsn before qvc featured it.  I have been a tracfone customer for about 5 years and have no complaints.  For the first time, i decided to port over minutes and phone numbers from my old tracfone and experienced a glitch.  I had to call tracfone customer service over the fact that at no time had my pin number been requeated resulting in inaccurate balances.  Someone posted they dont speak english...NOT TRUE...they do speak english and the matter was resolved.  They had an accent but they were understandable and repeated when i asked them to.  I called back again over a question about wifi and again dealt with competent customer service.  Highly recommend.

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I have had a tracfone since I retired 6 years ago and zI have only good things to say about them. Their customer service is in India so you can get someone with poor ability to communicate at times. I just hang up and call back til i get a rep who has decent english language skills, I find it is rare to need to call them though as you can go on FB and have an online chat with them, and that is generally more effective.

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Bought the Samsung smartphone and received it last week. Tried to transfer my account, minutes, etc. Began on Thursday and was instructed that my old phone would remain in service until new one was activated. Have been using Tracfone for several years and this has always been easy. Kept checking my account and it always said "inactive". Tried to make a call on my old phone and it had been deactivated. So much for being able to use it until new phone was activated. Called for tech assistance and electronic message said to leave a callback number. No callback ever received. Finally able to make a call on Saturday and all other functions are now working but my account page still says account is "inactive". Tried to get help on chat and was told account is active, to turn off phone and restart. If that didn't work then to call the number they gave me and give them the pin number they were giving me. Of course it didn't work so spent 30 minutes on hold only to be told that I shouldn't worry because the account is active and I should ignore what the account page says. And the Pin number? The rep didn't know what that was for - suggested that I should hang on to it for future use. ??? If you never need any help with anything I guess the phone is okay. Hopefully my account will stay active -guess I'll find out the hard way.
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@patticakes I've had various tracphones for many years.  Never had a problem,good customer service.  I wouldn't hesitate to jump in if I were you. I text alot with my family and purchase 1000 texts for $5,can't beat that. Lots of good apps you can get,too.

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