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Touch screen and jumpy cursor; TSV features

Hi. Ordered TSV 15 inch w/Office--question: Why no backlit keyboard, espec. w/black keys? Is that an option? Can we opt for Windows 7? Some people are going nuts with 8. Otherwise, I like combin. of offerings on this computer for the price. For me, I usually go with Intel larger, better (?) quality CPU and a separate GPU with Nvidia. However, the Dell will be the right size to take along if/when drs. put me in hospital again or we go to Minn. to visit son. Just so it works well and has good tech service. Does it?

Rick--You guys might want to share this tip: Wanted to help people who have Touch computers and are having problems w/cursor jumping all over screen, espec. when writing e-mails. One lady said on HSN post she was sending back her computer for just this reason. When I purchased a custom large laptop for gaming, I had same problem--I thought it was a defective keyboard. Not. With thanks to folks at Xotic who are first rate--it is what happens when you put movement in area of keyboard mouse pad when you have Touch on a computer. When your hands are on or moving above the keyboard, the built in mouse pad on keyboard may pick up on the movement and there goes the cursor--hop, hop--ARGH! Tape an index card or something else that will keep the mouse pad on the computer keyboard from seeing your movements. You can also download a free program that helps as well. This works, of course, if u are using an external mouse as I do. It's not perfect, but it's much better than it was.

Happy Holidays to all!