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If David didn't discuss his diet and announce that he's not eating it and would just ramble on about the product, I probably wouldn't even notice he's not eating it.

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I've watched him the past few weeks for a little while and he seemed to be tasting a bit of almost everything. I was surprised. I guess no one else saw this.

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@cjm61    Apparently David is such an important and valued employee that he now has a "designated taster" to perform that aspect if his job.  Funny.


He's not my cup of tea either.

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Re: Tonight ITKWD

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@Reever wrote:

@joann1218 wrote:
Good point. He’s telling us if you want to lose weight, don’t eat

Getting annoyed with his constant weight loss talk and diet changes. We get it already! He will probably have his assistant Steve eating everything. Very awkward

I usually tune in for his Instagram Coffee Talk on Friday.... he spends much of that time talking about his weight loss.....

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It's great he has lost weight.....but I'm beyond getting annoyed at his constant blatting on and on and ON about it. At this point I just look online and see if I want any of the products on his show.

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@pupwhipped wrote:

Yes, David has a carb and sweets sampling stunt double who does all the dangerous eating for him now. I hope they are getting hazard pay or at least some kind of extra compensation. Woman Wink 

@pupwhipped .  Hahaha!!  

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@joann1218 wrote:
Good point. He’s telling us if you want to lose weight, don’t eat



That is NOT what he is saying at all, @joann1218 


He is only saying that he is reducing carbs and sugar.



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I agree that David's reminders of his struggle to stay away from bad carbs and sugar can make impulse buyers think twice. But, I just want to know something -- 

Could those of us are in the vicinity of QVC in PA volunteer to be "taster for the day?" I could get my bad carbs or expensive seafood (or whatever!) fix for one day and go back to my hum-drum life Smiley Happy

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I did a Q check Sunday while ITKWD was on and heard him yelling for "Ro Ro" (Rosina) to come over and taste the food. I couldn't turn the channel fast enough.

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These hosts can't win. If they eat too much (and heaven forbid talk with their mouth full) they're criticised. Then, if they don't partake, they're criticised, too. During the pandemic, they were criticised for all the food displayed and wasted. David often faces criticism for his happy dances. Criticism never ends.


C'mon, if a host was diabetic, they wouldn't be encouraged to eat the sweets, nor would a person with allergies, cardiac, or renal diet, nor should someone who has worked like a dog to lose weight for better health. 


David is proud of his weight loss and deserves to be. We all know how hard it is to reach weight loss goals, AND, how easy it is to fall off the wagon. Just one too many bites, and --- boom, you can fall off course. He embraces his diet plan and talks about it often because he needs to for ongoing success. It's a difficult journey.