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Tommie Copper Socks TSV 12/13

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Today's Special Value® - Monday, December 13, 2021


V-39720 Tommie Copper Set of 4 Compression Socks with UltraGuard


Guaranteed By Christmas



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I would't hold my breath.

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Re: Tommie Copper Socks TSV 12/13

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I just can't imagine all the years I've shopped (and it's since day #1) how bad the TSVs have been this holiday season.  I used to stay up just to see what they were & price.


Socks, sweaters, pjs???? things you can find anywhere at better incentives and no shipping dilemmas.


Where are the good electronic deals -- guess I'll order the Beats headphones GD wants from "A" was hoping even HSN might have had deal.


Although, I did order the Oster oven for son today for house gift -- they called and told me. 


Quite disappointing IMO more like "warehouse clear out" sales

although, I've only checked online -- maybe I missed them but socks there has got to be better stuff in the warehouses🤔☹️🙄 



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Re: Tommie Copper Socks TSV 12/13

Don’t mind this TSV, but not for a gift unless specifically requested. Agree that generally speaking the TSV’s have been rather blah this season but accept that things are what they are!
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Re: Tommie Copper Socks TSV 12/13

I looked up the fabric content on the Tommy Copper site, and the content is different than on the site.  I hate when they compare them, like you're getting the same thing, and it's not.

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Re: Tommie Copper Socks TSV 12/13

I have varicose veins these socks cuts off the circulation
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Re: Tommie Copper Socks TSV 12/13

@banned again 


Thanks for the quick posting—mine have just arrived.


The most comfortable my feet and legs have been!

I rarely wear socks at all and got both talls and ankles.


Just enough of a hug.

However, I have skinny legs. Wondering if a person has much larger legs if they would feel constructing?