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Re: Tommie Copper Masks

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I have the Tommie Copper Masks and not satisfied.  These are the ones I use now, really comfortable and 3 layer Smiley Happy



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Bought the last TSV for my husband.  He really likes them.  They fit and wash well.  Bought another set.  

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I like the Tommie Copper masks.  I find them very comfortable & easy to take care of.  I have at least 8 of them.

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I think it was Patricia Nash that was selling 4 layer mask on HSN. Someone does because I saw them presented.

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Have used these masks throughout this thing.  Both my husband and I like them.  They work well.  To those that don't there are a million other styles and fabrics to choose from. Mine did not "smell".  But I always wash any masks I have purchased first before wearing.  I appreciate the color choices and the way they fit.  This is why there is no 'standard" mask.  Everyone has their own level of comfort and security.  If you need 6 layers then go for it.  Two has worked fine for us.  On top of which it's not meant to keep you from getting it it's to keep your breath from "infecting" others.  Just do what makes you feel comfortable.  Always remember not everyone is as high a risk as others.  

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I received mine today & they are very hard to breathe through.

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I love them & they will be my go-to masks!

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I received these & washed them. Tried them out & they are hard to breathe through. Comfortable but I would like to breathe.