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Hey all, I don't see any comments on the TSV.  Anybody have her stuff and can speak to how it wears, washes, etc.  It's very pretty!  TIA.

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I'm not buying the TSV, but I have several of her tops and I like them, they launder nicely.

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It looks like I was typing my message while you posted yours. Good question on the garment care. It's a beautiful item and I'd love to have it, so I'll be following.

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The TSV is very pretty.  I wish it wasn't made of modal fabric.  In my experience I have found that it stretches out of shape, pills and wrinkles.  Always needs a touch up with an iron too.


I have never owned this brand, just speaking from experience with buying modal from Coldwater Creek.  

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I agree about the modal  I bought two Halston tops of modal and did NOT like them at all.  Flimsy, shapeless...  the Tolani top is very unstructured, so I guess that would not matter.  The prints are interesting.  For me it would be very unwearable.  I can't imagine where I would wear it.  An easy pass. 

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I can't afford this lol, but don't think I would buy it anyways as its just not my style really, but I do think the Floral Multi one is the prettiest out of all of them. It also could be worn the most ways (colors).  


If you click on the TSV it's the first one looking at the options from left to right. I think it's called Floral Multi anyways lol


I hope those that get it, love it!! 


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Good question.  I am also curious about the brand.  I haven't bought anything as I am getting tired of prints........and she seems to have a lot of prints.  They do look pretty but it's not my style either and I think the line seems pricey.  JMO.  But I will be following to see what other shoppers think.