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"and of course target has samples of all they sell so you can feel them and then decide."


@PINKdogWOOD Thanks for the review and heads up!  But, I'm not sure what you mean by Target has samples.  The Target stores near me, there are 3 of them, have never had sheet samples out to feel.  Do you ask the salesclerk and they bring them out for you?  If so, I've got to find out.

 All of the Target stores around me has sample board of sheet swatches so you can feel the different sheets.

Thanks. I need a few new sets. I ordered today but would like to see if I can do better as far as price.

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Re: Wow formaldehyde????

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@bargainsgirl  Which brand are you talking about with the chemicals?  Are you saying NN has these chemicals?  I'm confused by your post.


@Caaareful Shopper  my bad - yes I indeed meant swatches of all the linens at target.  However on another note, I did have to take out of the package a heated throw they had on sale because NOWHERE did the packaging indiate the size of the throw.  How totally ridiculous to not note the size!!!!! 


@bargainsgirl  Went back to read your post - now I understand - they're talking about chemicals to make them 'wrinkle free'.  Chemicals - that's just ludicrous!  No way would I buy these.  Wrinkles don't bother me AND if you take your linens out of the dryer immediately and FOLD them nicely they are wrinkle free.  You are so right, do not buy these linens!