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Love SG, but no cold shoulder tops for me.  I don't care for them on anybdy.  Just a strange look, IMHO.

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I do not care for the cold shoulder look.  About a year ago, Susan asked on FB if people wanted more of those, and the majority was to not do cold shoulder.  No idea what she keeps doing it.

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@OKPrincess  A297155


I have (and had) a number of liqknit tops too and I do like a lot of them, still wear them. They do everything Susan talks about. I have enough though, it all starts to look the same. Whether it would be a Graver design or anyone else's the style elements in this top are not styles for me.


It's worth a look though for sure Ms Princess.

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Not a fan of cold shoulder, so I won't partake of this one.

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Re: Thursday Graver TSV

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@itsmagic  Yes I've also been seeing women on tv wearing the cold shoulder look. I certainly do not consider myself old-fashioned when it comes to fashions (young 64) however I also do not think this look is professional wear for professional women on television. 


I'm more inclined to agree with Renee Greenstein's 'sexy' look for the cold shoulder.

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It’s not for me.

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FYI for anyone interested, the description of it says it's rayon/nylon so it's more of a sweater and not liquid knit.  It's a no for me!  i am ready for more Spring fashions!!

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Come on Susan, since you want us to pay more in 2018 how about something NEW. Not liquid knit, The most popular fabric on QVC, and cold shoulder. I was really hoping this fad was over. Everything that used to be 49.95 is now about 54.95 and same old same old. No thanks. I watch more times now because I like the models!

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I don't believe it's liquid knit.  The presale e-mail I got said it's a sweater.

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No cold shoulder for me--never....

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