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Was contemplating purchasing several for gifts (and having them personalized)....but as a TSV to not have free or reduced S/H what stopped me. $3.50×10??? *No ma'am Pam*
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I run so warm pretty much non stop so definitely not for me, but if you're a chilly couch potato you can get one for less elsewhere. 

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So unattractive.  If you are cold, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and save some money.

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Talk about Jane in the Comfy.  Did you catch David in it?  I'm sorry but it was even too small for him and that's saying a lot.  Not very flattering at all.


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@gma of tucker wrote:

Talk about Jane in the Comfy.  Did you catch David in it?  I'm sorry but it was even too small for him and that's saying a lot.  Not very flattering at all.


I saw him in it tonight.  I had a little chuckle and then turned the channel.

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I found the timing of the TSV slightly odd.  GMA had the Comfy on this week as well.  They didn't have the patterns but their cost with S&H including was less than QVC TVS price not including S&H.


Sams also has the Comfy in the club for $25.


Yes looking at David in it was not helping sales, it seemed almost like a normal size sweatshirt on him.  

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I actually was going to buy one and then I realized it had no zipper!  I don't want to be pulling it off and on over my head.  Too hard and too much of a mess.  


They need to come out with ones with zippers and then I'm in!!!!  I get cold all the time at home and I would like to be able to easily slip this on and off when I want to.  Also, if I need to run outside for a minute this would be perfect. 

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In the ad they show those two kids racing down the stairs, dressed in the droopy comfy....all I could think what if they trip and do thousands of dollars of damage to thier teeth or skulls!!!!!


@Tomgirl  I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that! My heart skipped a beat! LOL

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It might be interesting to see if they come out with one with snaps or a zipper next year.  We'll know that someone from QVC/Comfy was following our thread.


You know it will muss your hair getting it on an off!   And I hadn't thought of storage.  That's pretty limited in small closets in my house.

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I honestly gave about a minute thought to this for camping.  We camped a couple of weeks ago and it was warm one day and the next day we froze.  I thought maybe sitting around the fire I could put this on.


Then I realized that it's so big and bulky that I'd risk tripping over the thing on my way to throw another piece of wood in the fire and possibly I'd end up in flames so I decided to pass.


As for home, I'd roast to death in this thing.  If I get chilly, I would rather put a blanket over me that I can take off when I need to walk around, grab a beverage, etc.  I cannot imagine having to use the bathroom in this thing.