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I saw the beginning of Jane Tracy hosting the Comfy TSV last night.  I give the hosts a lot of credit for their enthusiasm over some of the products. It might be warm and comfy but looked terrible on someone as petite as she is.  I wonder how many people will receive these for Christmas and wonder what the giver was thinking?

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Re: The Comfy

I'm sure that some will be pleased with the gift. As for me, I would consider it a gift of spite. Different strokes. 🤷‍♀️

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Re: The Comfy

@indoor kitty   LOL!  It has a lot of good reviews, but not for me!

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Re: The Comfy

It was the same hype last year plus at every store in town especially the “dollar in the name” discounters.

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Re: The Comfy

Lots of people (me included, sometimes) value comfort over appearance.  If you are always cold, or want to keep the furnace low, the comfy is for you!

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Re: The Comfy

I think of the Comfy as the same thing as wrapping myself in a blanket in the winter while watching tv or reading and not as something I would wear out (even though they said it could be worn out and about).  

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Re: The Comfy

The comfy is a practical product that I am sure is appreciated by many cold people.


The only downside to the product is...where to keep it.  It's not as attractive as a throw and very bulky.  I would hate to have a couple of them all over the living room.  


Also storage out of season is an issue....I have no more room in my linen closet.  It is a cute idea though.

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Re: The Comfy

I just looks so bulky, even to just walk around in.  Can't imagine trying to function (cook, etc.) with it on.  I'll pass.

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Re: The Comfy

I am petite and it looked fairly bulky on Jane last night.  They also said it isn't heavy, but it just didn't look like something I could move about in comfortably.

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Re: The Comfy

Looked intriguing last night after I lay awake, unable to sleep, and saw it presented over and over and over (re-run shows) until I could recite the dialog!!!


I ALMOST considered ordering it.....



Then later this morning as I sat at my computer table, I was thinking OK....suppose you now had 15 yards of polyester draped and drooping around you while you are sipping coffee and trying to use the keyboard on the laptop...


Nope. Not practical.


Then, I realized my current fluffy robe IS 100% polyester.


It washes like a dream ( never loses color, pills, shrinks or runs...after IS made out of plastic!!!) and it is fluffy. Dries on the line in about 15 minutes.


Polyester is NOT what I would consider a "warm" fabric....not to me, anyway.


O well. To those who DID buy, enjoy! It does look like for watching TeeVee on the couch it'd be OK, but I don't do that.


In the ad they show those two kids racing down the stairs, dressed in the droopy comfy....all I could think what if they trip and do thousands of dollars of damage to thier teeth or skulls!!!!!



I agree with the poster who opined that the thing does not look attractive when it's just flung onto the couch ( unlike say, a throw...)


If I bought one and didn't care for it, I'd cut it up and use it for pet bedding!!!! Looks like it'd be great for that!