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$50 plus shipping for two shirts. Graver is getting over priced.

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Liquid knit - looks so cheesy. I'll take cotton please. I have never liked the SG line.

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I love liquid knit.  Have a closet full!  Easy care.  Always looks good.  Lasts forever.  I much prefer liquid knit over cotton.  Not needing any tops right now, however.

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I'm not investing in her line any longer, I've bought and returned at least 6 items over the past couple of years. I'm tired of paying for the shipping to send things back so if I've been disappointed in quality before I won't buy that brand again. It's sad, I really loved buying from QVC due in part to my faith in the quality of the products.

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Pretty lame for a TSV.  Easy pass for me.  I do not like silky feeling tops.  Sweaty in summer and cold in winter.  I much prefer cotton.

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I love her liquid knits.  But I prefer a V-neck and 3/4 sleeves.


I wish she'd bring back her faux wrap dresses.  

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You already have a thread going with this complaint.


Not really necessary to repeat yourself.

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@Bicher   I don't consider $25. for a nice shirt that can be worn dressy or casual, to be excessive in price.  In fact it's very reasonable.


@ellaphant. There is nothing cheesy about Liquid Knit.  Its high quality polyester that doesn't wrinkle, fade or hold stains.  Susan's clothing is very well made so you could easily still be wearing it in 20 years.  Quite an excellent investment.

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I used to really like liquid knit tops for under jackets, etc. but lately they have come very wrinkled and it is impossible to get the fold lines out.  I have tried steaming, washing and tumble dry, etc.  Nothing has worked.  I notice that the older tops I do have are a bit heavier than the more recent ones.  Unfortunately, I am limiting purchases because the quality has deteriorated 

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@Kachina624 ITA with you regarding the quality from years ago, however I posted on another thread that to me this TSV looks thin and cheaply made.  I don't think it's flattering on any of them.   The quality is suffering in so many lines these days.