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I think they look great. If they had functional pockets in front, I'd buy some. But I need a place to put my phone in the bathroom and if I had it in a back pocket, it would wind up in the toilet and those would become $970 pants. No thank you.

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@fancy pantsy wrote:

@mspat wrote:

I wish I could wear them but alas, those days are long gone. Just because I can, doesn't mean I should.  Spanx is a quality brand and I'm sure they are worth the cost.  Enjoy to those that buy.

perfectly said, @mspat  ... just because i can doesn't mean i should Smiley Happy 


            I totally agree!!  Every clothing item is not a good look for every one nor every body!!!!  Do think that the tall, slender models look best in this garment.....



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@FrostyBabe1 wrote:

I don't have a problem with the price at all. In fact, I think it's reasonable. That's the same price as Land's End charges for their skinny legging jeans. I have two pairs of those and love them.

You can always find coupon codes for Land's End though.  

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Considering that they are Spanx, I can see the price.


As far as purchasing and wearing them - not for me.  I'm short with wider legs, these pant also make my legs look odd.

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I have many spanx leggings and love them all. This is the first pair of jean type I am buying. I have many of the knit and they wear great! They will be a little long on me so I will need to roll under or roll up since I'm a 26 inch inseam, 5 foot tall

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I don't wear leggings or any other type of tight pants.  I have purchased Spanx undergarments before and I can honestly say they are uncomfortable.  One size is too tight and the size up is too big.


I avoid their products.  For me it is better to just buy clothing that fits that doesn't show what I want to hide.  The upside is, I save money and can just be comfortable without being squeezed in.


I have paid $70 or more for well fitting pants.  Some pants are worth it, some are not.

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I heard Rachel say she usually wears a XS or S but she was wearing a M in these. I say it is going to be a challenge to get your appropriate size.

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I have Spanx faux leather leggings and camo -- love them!  They are very comfortable and easy to wear.


I ordered a pair of these to give them a try.  Could not beat that price!!

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@CARMIE And I thought I was the only one who had that problem with Spanx products!  You made me feel better.


I'm an old lady, and leggings of any type or brand are just not for me.  I'm doing my part to beautify America by refraining from wearing them.


As for jeans, I like the Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda jeans at about $35 a pair.  Been wearing them for years and they fit great.


For those of you who like leggings and look good in them, have at it!  I vaguely remember being young and slim and able to wear form-fitting things.

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I'd wear them under my ski bibs. I bet they would be warm and give me great support.