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TSV vendor looked so uncomfortable

I thought the vendor in the black suit just looked so uncomfortable and blah. Jennifer Coffey did a much better job showing suits. She had on a cute coverup and sunglasses and just looked so animated and happy.


I would have thought the vendor rep would have worn a brighter color with some beachy accessories.

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Re: TSV vendor looked so uncomfortable

So, I would love to know why in the world QVC will not post the guidelines/measurements of these bathing suits.


They do that with other pieces of clothing.  I often call CS and have to ASK them to please post it on the screen.  Then poof, it's on the screen.


They are so busy showing the people who are standing there bla blaing (I think it's their version of being entertaining), they can't seem to post the measurements.


I do not intend to buy any of these suits, but if I did, I would want to know the measurements other than "SIZE UP".


SIZE UP from what?  That is stupid!


I also can't stand the bright nail polish the presenter of the suits is wearing.  That's all I focus on!  It's way too bright!


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Re: TSV vendor looked so uncomfortable

She's looked very uncomfortable all morning.  The suit over powers her, she's a tiny little thing and Im sure she wouldnt wear that suit.  I'd like to see it on Jackie, Leah and Jayne Brown!


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Re: TSV vendor looked so uncomfortable

The vendor did look uneasy and clearly this isn't a suit she wouldn't wear out in public or on her own time. Like someone else mentioned, it overwhelmed her small frame.


It looked great on Jennifer C. and she added the right touches to create a great summer look!