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I enjoyed seeing the upcoming TSVs and getting the chance to order in advance.  Too many changes at the Q and their website.  I used to be able to see them on Blue Skies but that's down too.  Disappointed!

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I liked seeing previews of the TSVs too but I feel like QVC is not getting as much stock in for the fashion TSVs (colors selling out at midnight, orders placed on backorder, etc.). 

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Hosts have mentioned several times that QVC IS not getting the expected inventory on a lot of items.  There's a huge backlog of shipments still.  My guess is they stopped the TSV preview selling opportunities because volume is too low to ensure there will be enough for several days, never mind enough for one full day.  


There is poster on here that posts several TSVs for the month and coming days, although we still don't have the opportunity to buy.  She is very helpful!  I think her nic is @Sunshine45






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@surrey    What changes?  The TSV is the only one I've noticed and that minor.  I imagine we'll all survive not knowing in advance what it is.  I just wish people would quit asking for hints on what it will be. 

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