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amazon has 3 pack for $10 free shipping




i have 5 or 6 in a drawer somewhere,  a don't use them much




i use the outlet adapters with usb plugs. i have these on both sides of beds,  kitchen counter,  and a few areas in other rooms







I have something similar I bought from QVC a few years ago.  It's also a surge protector.

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I am not in need of a phone as mine is not quite a year old yet, but no wall charger is a deal breaker for me. Once my one year service is up, I'm divorcing Tracfone and taking my unlocked phone somewhere else (I may try Mint Mobile).

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The phone comes with a cable. All you need in addition to that is a wall charger like this. Most cost about $10.


Questions and Answers: Samsung 25W Super Fast Charging Wall Charger USB-C  White EP-TA800NWEGUS - Best Buy

@SilleeMee    I'm sick, sick, sick of cheapie manufacturers who want to send us a cord with no plug.  Every time I get one of those *""#* things, it's like a scavenger hunt try to find a block plug in device.  Sort of like lightbulb snatching, something is going to be left without.  I just went through this with the PopSonic.  It has become a pet peeve.

I must have 20 of these things. I honestly appreciate not getting another one. I also have a bunch of the wall things with the outlet and USB port around the house. 

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I am also glad the plug in part of the chargers are no longer included since I have them in every junk drawer after 12 years of iPhones and iPads.

However, if I needed one, I'd prefer to plug into my laptop USB port anyway because I find it charges more quickly.  I also have 2 surge protectors that have multiple usb charging ports.  

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@Suzy Q from PA  I guess I'm with some of the people on here and I don't understand why a plug is a deal breaker.  You can literally find them in gas stations, pharmacys, grocery store checkouts you name it.  Like others I have a whole bunch of these in a rainbow of colors.  I have double ones, single ones and multiple outlet ones.  If you have a phone now then you have a plug.  Or as others have suggested use your USB port on your laptop.  They would probably charge more if they had to include that plug.  It's just a generic plug and can be found everywhere.  I guess they figure you can find one you like since there are so many choices and since a vast majority already have a phone so they already have a charger they don't need to add it anymore.  If you are ordering a phone online most places have the "extras" you need like cases, plugs etc...I no longer expect it or want it.  I have plenty.  

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It's the cables I go thru. Some of the cords are so short and the after market ones can be junk...ends don't attach firmly etc. Annoying as all get out.
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Re: wall charger

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pretty much every room in my house has either a wall charger or usb ports for the cables. i have a ton of cables also. cables, wall chargers, usb ports on electrical outlets/power strips are so inexpensive on amazon. definitely would not need anymore, so it would certainly not be a deal breaker for me. i dont blame the phone companies for not adding them in anymore.


i highly recommend these also......i have them in all of my bedrooms.


charging station.jpg

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Buyer beware the 30 day return policy is on for this.  So if this is for a Christmas gift NO returns accepted.  The customer service agent just informed me.  

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I purchased the HALO TSV a few years ago and it meets my needs at home. If I am traveling I use a small lightweight charger about the size of a cigarette lighter. Works fine. Too bulky for my needs  out of the home. If it could charge two items with the small UBC connection I would consider it.

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I ordered these as gifts for the family. The presentation showed them plugged in directly to the wall. One of the pictures on the main page clearly shows the plug on the back.



That's how I plan to recharge it to use. Am I missing something?  Smiley Frustrated