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WHo is getting the mattress today?  I hesitate mostly because of the antimicrobial "agent" in the mattress.  Sorry but I do not wish to be sleeping with chemicals.  I do think the 100 day trial is nice but then what happens to all those mattresses that are returned???

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YUK.  Hopefully, they are destroyed.

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I don't know what this company does for returned items but I know some of them donate the mattresses to shelters.

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I would hesitate for a number of reasons but the antibacterial properties are not one of them. 

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States have different laws for returned mattresses. Sometimes mattresses can be donated to shelters, etc. sometimes they are cut up to make other products.  I would be concerned about how to return the mattress. Does QVC pick it up because you could never get it back in the box?

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Last February, just before the pandemic, I bought the NN mattress, which has essentially the same specs as today's TSV mattress. I paid $250.00 less. Happy.

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@queendiva    Funny but I was just thinking the same thing.  The prixes have really gone up.  I would rather go with one of the other top mattresses that are giving free gifts such as sheet set, pillows, etc.  The Scott boys are trying to make a killing.  Come back down to earth with your prixes.

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