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is Bethlehem Lights.  Does anyone know what it will be?

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Mini strands of lights.  I think a set of 4, multi colored or solid colors.  The kind of lights that you can put in a vase or jar.

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I'm not investing any more money in those things.  For such little lights they sure use a lot of batteries and they don't last long at all.

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The ones I bought last year didn't work that well.  By the timeI tried them it was too late to return.

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Why does it always hsve to be bethlehem lights,  of  course usually a tree .  Wish it were a VPH item.

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@Kitty Galore    I wished it was VPH.   

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I don't need anymore microlights with batteries. The lights don't stay vibrant for long. Every year Bethlehem lights has a TSV for CIJ.