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Re: TSV - Women w/Control 5/30

I watched at 1 AM because I couldn’t sleep.  Do these women have mirrors in the dressing room ????


Unless you are pencil slim, the cut and size of the dresses make the backside look horrendous.  I don’t think sizing would minimize the sight.

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Re: TSV - Women w/Control 5/30

I am not a fan of maxi dresses, so it is an easy pass for me.  I like Jane Treacy, but it was not a good look on her last night.

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Re: TSV - Women w/Control 5/30

They are vivid but really fun for summer.  Just try one to see if you like it.  Try it on, ask a friend, your DH or the mailman what they think of it.  Fashion should be fun and a great way to step out of your comfort zone.  Don’t be afraid to try new things, you may find your really love it and will rock the brights all summer.


JUST  TRY IT!!!   I bet you look fantastic in it!

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Re: TSV - Women w/Control 5/30

@Jlkz  Aside from the fact that I do not like/do not wear maxis, that dress made just about everyone's backside look huge.  Very clingy and I don't think going up a size would help. 

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Re: TSV - Women w/Control 5/30

Don;t care for the prints at all...............but it is very telling to me that most of the hosts have been in the black dress....OR if they chose a print the hosts and  even the models wear the denim jackets or other coverup.....when i turned the show on this morning all three models were wearing a cover up( 2 jackets and one scarf )..........

to me that is never a good sign...

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Re: TSV - Women w/Control 5/30

Leah looks great in the black TSV dress.  I don’t ever wear a maxi dress but if I did I certainly would try this one. Great price and I like the godets. 

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Re: TSV - Women w/Control 5/30

Model Jacque looks nice in the Black.


Not too tight in the back side.


'Still', I'm going to size up in the Black.  Even though I'm 'slim-ish'.  (Not the same as the models.)

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Re: TSV - Women w/Control 5/30

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I hate her como jersey material.  I think it's heavy but it also shows everything unless you go up so many sizes, it hangs off you like a sack.


If you go with your normal size and have any lumps, bumps, bulges or tummy pooch and you don't want them showing, you have to wear some type of shaper or smoother underneath. 


As someone else said, the hosts are either wearing black or trying to cover up with a jacket.  I saw a repeat of Jane kicking this off and the jean jacket didn't help in the least.  It stopped at the widest part of her hips and made things worse.  


Mary Nelson looked good but again, she was in the black.  And I'm betting both she and Leah has shapers on.


I don't think the abstract print is horrible but it's not something I'd buy.  

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Re: TSV - Women w/Control 5/30

It's too similar to the last TSV she had not long ago, the two dresses, one solid sleeveless, one printed with short sleeves. I made the  mistake of ordering them and the super voluminous diameter of the bottom swallowed me whole, as I am petite. Sent them back and will never make that mistake again.  Maybe for summer she could have done a short sleeve midi dress with a straight or a-line skirt. I'm not sure how flattering so much fabric is on any body type.

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Re: TSV - Women w/Control 5/30

women with control had a another dress set offered with a print and a solid that everyone complained about. If you shop often you will see lots of bold prints. G.I.L.I. has a bold palm print and that dress has a side split and it is form fitting.