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TSV is changed to Ninja coffee bar if you look on main page lower right. My Time Warner guide still says Ninja Duo Blender.
You may want to tape the show if that is what you are looking for.
I just called QVC customer service-it should be ok to post as it is the
TSV tomorrow.
Item number is
K-43557 $129.96

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Re: TSV Tomorrow is Coffee Bar

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Funny I just received an email from Sam's Club advertising this very same model and there it is 149.98 and has no coffee samples with it. I'm sure the QVC model will have some coffee samples as they always do with all of their one brew makers.


 Ok I just typed in the above item number and there are no coffee samples with this one, however there is a 100 recipe book whereas Sam's has a 40 recipe book


If someone is interested, this seems like a good deal.



Edited to say this is the coffee system Sofia Vergara is involved with.


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