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@lousgirl wrote:
@jackthebear. I am doing most of my shopping ar TJMaxx and Marshall’s. They have amazing stuff. Great colors great styles. I am done buying fashion at the Q except maybe for Laurie Felt. The prices are just getting too much on my retirement budget

I'm with you on the prices, they have gotten outragious.  I will buy Laurie Felt and skechers because they normally have wide which are hard to find.  other than that they can keep  Not worth the money

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@mspat  Try Macy's for Sketchers.  They have wide width, accept coupons, and offer free shipping with minimum purchase. 


Also, Sketchers on-line.  We stumbled across one of their stores at our mall, and they have a rewards program which I signed up for to check it out and they email me with discount codes all the time now. 

......You look like I need a drink.....
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Another yuk!

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@DeDe56 wrote:

They look like harem pants to me so I’ll pass.


            I agree!  There is something about them that reminds of MC Hammer pants.  Don't like the look....


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Yesterday it was endless hours of Philosophy and today w fleas hours of Susan Graver. I sure got a lot done both days not watching
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Did SG pass "liquid fiber" through legal? Seems misleading to call polyester a fiber. 

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Some kind of oddly shaped Capri pant. They look ill fitted on all the models. And they are liquid knit too hot for the summer months I need cotton [breathable] fabrics for this time of year.