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It is 2am EST.   I just watched the TSV online and went to order a pair.....but I can't!   it keeps saying that the item is no longer available!!!!!!!    Is it really possible that ALL sizes and ALL colors have completely sold out within 2 hours????????   Please say this is a glitch!!!!!

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UPDATE:    somehow.....I was able to place an order on my phone.....went back to my laptop and it still says the item is unavailable.   I double checked the item numbers too!  Either way....  I'm glad I got to pick up the Navy and get the Olive on waitlist!   I'm glad this was just a strange glitch!!!!

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I am having a problem here on my laptop too at 3 in the morning. I got one pair to go through and decided to order a 2nd color. Tried for about 10 minutes, would not go through. Guess I'll try later or maybe it's a hint I don't really need another color haha. But I love my Sketchers.

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I do like Sketchers and have a pair but The models are wearing no socks.  Kinda dumb in winter.  It’s 10 degrees out and I wear socks.  I guess they are not a winter shoe, but My feet sweat in a closed shoe with no socks.  Icky. 


Another thing, I find with Sketchers , the sizes are hugely variable, so I must try them on.  There is an outlet not too far luckily, and I think I tried on 30 pairs of 61/2 until I found one that fit right.  Good luck-

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I preordered the shoe.  Love the design.  I am usually a firm 8M in better shoes, but will often wear half size up in Skechers.  I ordered the 8 1/2 which was correct for me.  This shoe is wider than most I have ordered.  There is little arch support which I don't really like.  For the price as a slip on I will probably keep, but had higher expectations because I really like the look. With a better arch it would really be a nice shoe.

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I love Skechers, so much so that I have my husband wearing them and he loves them, too. I ordered the TSV in the blue color. I find that Skechers seem to run wide, and where in other brands I would normally order a 9W or 9 1/2M, in Skechers I can usually order a 9M and get a good fit.


As for the models not wearing socks . . . it seems to me that they wear bare feet with shoes more often than not. I don't think it has any implication on whether or not the shoe can be worn with a sock. However, by my personal experience, if I order a medium width I can wear a thin to medium weight sock. If I want to wear a really heavyweight, thick sock I,would need to have a wide width to wear it comfortably. I hope some of this info regarding my thought process for ordering Skechers helps someone.



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Some of the sizes and colors are probably quite limited since they've been presenting them as a TSV presale for days .

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I like Skecher's, but don't like to size up a whole size.  Skecher's is also very inconsistent with their sizes from shoe to shoe.  


I would like this one, but won't order because of the inconsistency.

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I am (continually) amazed that at 8AM one color is sold out and many sizes are sold out as well.  Not very efficient on sales projections.  I will eventually get the size and color I wanted but mostly likely not on Q and probably at a lower price than the TSV.

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I just bought 2 pairs of very similar looking and construction Skechers from M#acys on sale, with free shipping. They are suede and have the same shape as the TSV. Got black and chocolate. Both pairs under $60!!