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Re: TSV Roar - Any opinions?

@Group 5 minus 1 wrote:

How much does one packet make? 

 1 packet for 18 oz of water. 

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“Re: TSV Roar - Any opinions?

@We rescue cats wrote:

We are making a conscious effort to reduce plastic waste so though we enjoyed the bottled Roar we have not tried the powder. I'm anxious to see what folks think of it. It sure will be easier to carry in the camper. Thanks for posting @KingstonMom 

@We rescue cats    I also make a serious attempt at recycling....and when I took note that my City recycling bin was mostly filled with plastic pop bottles, I started purchasing TAMPICO® citrus flavored powdered drink mix. 


$1.49 for a 6-pack at the $ store.   No more hauling heavy bottles from the grocery store, either.....even tho my "innards" might rust...(!)    di

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Re: TSV Roar - Any opinions?

I buy various packets (Truely Lemon) or sometimes those drops at the store for a whole lot less. I don't know how these taste but a friend of ours gave us some they bought from Costco and they were horrible. Tasted disgusting. Ended up throwing them away. I want something that tastes good. 

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Re: TSV Roar - Any opinions?



We love it and continue to buy the 12 pack of bottles at Wegmans.  They carry the premade at a much lower price than here.


This is NOT is very close in price to the premade $1.58/bottle we get at Wegmans.


This is also $1.58 but you provide your own add a bit if you are using a purchased bottle of water...but you certainly do NOT have to!!  Who doesn't already have drink bottles?


I haven't tried these mix packets but will be ordering.  The portability makes it very convenient.


Sure, there may be other brands out there less expensive, but I have never, ever found one that didn't taste GROSS.


This is delish.  We esp like the berry or orange flavors.



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Re: TSV Roar - Any opinions?

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I need more potassium than what is contained in those packets which is only 2%.

TBH, those packets appear to be more of a vitamin mix with a small amount of electrolytes. I can just take my daily multivit with my separate electrolytes/vitamins and be done for the day.



Be sure and rinse your mouth out after taking high doses of vitamin C b/c it's acidic and can cause tooth erosion over time with consistent use.

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Re: TSV Roar - Any opinions?

Emergen-C 1000mg Vitamin C Powder is $5.34 for 10 packs at Walmart. One packet is mixed with 4 to 6 ounces of water. You will need 3 to equal 18 oz of TSV so 3 packs of Emergen-C is $1.59. 

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Re: TSV Roar - Any opinions?

I purchased a bottle of Roar at the grocery store but found it waaaaay to sweet for my taste.  Even my 12 year old daughter felt they were sweet.  Looking at the ingredients on the packets they will be just as sweet.


My household prefers buying Mio or other flavored drops to add to our refillable water bottles.  

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Re: TSV Roar - Any opinions?

I use Liquid IV that I get when it's on sale at Costco.  Comes out to $1 a packet.  It's really sweet in my opinion, so I use a half packet to a big glass of water.  Then it tastes great.  This stuff is way too expensive.

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Re: TSV Roar - Any opinions?

I like the idea of packets instead of plastic bottles ,never tried Roar but just recently  placed an large  order for the  first time for  BioTrust MOJO H20 in the Strawberry Watermelon ,Electrolytes and Vitamins,Naturally Sweetened,Flavored and Colored Zero Calories, really like they come in 4 small 2 oz. squeeze bottles in a box,says 1 squeeze (1/2 tsp) to 8oz of water I double it to my 16oz tumbler.. I don't like anything to sweet  this isn't ,it also comes also in Mandarin Orange .Will admit a bit expensive but what isn't today.They donate some of purchase to a kids organization.

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Re: TSV Roar - Any opinions?

@KingstonMom wrote:



Any brands you can suggest? TIA!


I'll sacrifice with more sugar for a good taste!


I just can't make myself drink anything that doesn't taste good, I hate water, LOL!


Milk is my main drink and it's not real refreshing, no soda for me either.

I used to get Roar at Wegmans.  My favorite (and what I gather from others that have tried this is peach) Peach is the one that is most "fortified" of their choices. It really tastes like you're drinking peach juice. But this is what they only offered.  So I haven't tried the new ones.  But I was disappointed in the watermelon. That one had a little after taste. Maybe the reason why they're offering new connections? I happen to like water (I drink FiJi water)  I had to switch to water after drinking sodas (carbonated liquid is tough on my heartburn) And though I still miss Coke and Mountain Dew, I feel better drinking  cold bottled water.