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Maybe I missed it but are they stainless INSIDE or plastic?  I will not buy if they are plastic.

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Re: TSV Primula

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Watch the video. It shows an animation of how it's made.


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I have been pleased with this brand , check on amazon ,prices are higher and good reviews.

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Stainless on the inside of the cup, also with triple wall insulation, stainless with copper.

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In the says "copper COATED inner layer"...elsewhere in the ad, it says "hand wash".


Personally, I would look for something else.

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it's stainless on the inside and outside with a copper middle layer for an extra heat and cold conductor. seems like good buy if you like those sizes. I personally like a bigger size cup or tumbler because I'd go through 20 oz. quickly especially if I had ice in the cup.


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I bought two sets of the TSV of 4 coffee mugs by this brand a couple of years ago.  Wouldn't drink my coffee in anything else.  I just purchased two more sets this morning as gifts.  Love them!

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I have a set I purchased several years ago. Not happy with them and prefer my Yeti.

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I'm no longer buying ss cups.  After awhile they taste like metal to me.  


I bought a nice Tervis insulated cup and works just fine🙂

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EVERYONE has multiple travel mugs and insulated beverage containers! The recipient of this gift hasn't seen the presentation. 

This will be donated or go into the back of the cabinet. 


People don't want MORE mug related items!