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Re: TSV Overkill

@Kachina624 wrote:

I'm so tired of seeing presentation of that ##@%# bra I could scream.  QVC has become famous for its boring repetitive presentations but today it has been riduculous.  They've been devoting 30 minutes out of every hour to the bra.  It's impossible to watch regular programming today.  Then, after they finish the normal presentation, they go to Larissa, who has a voice unlike any other human being, and she recites her memorized speech without taking a breath.

These women are awful....please have mercy, Q.



OMG yes everything you said so true....Larissa talks so fast she could audition as a voice over for the chipmunk animated movies

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Re: TSV Overkill

Did you for real ask if the Breezies bras came in a box ? That was a joke right ? I mean you arent shopping at a boutique, you did not get personally fitted for this clothing item. You will be lucky if the bra is in a plastic bag inside the Q, bag. And if you order 2 or more because of the wonderful buy more and save deals these bras will come packaged separately and you will be charged for the shipping for each item purchased. No box . Just bras and a bill.
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Re: TSV Overkill

I was very unhappy with a Breezie bra I ordered.  I don’t watch them.