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Has anyone ever purchased the neck lights, or something similar, to the ones QVC is selling as a TSV?  


If so, how long do the batteries last?   I was giving thought to buying something similar last years, but I think the reviews were bad as they were "eating up batteries".   


Have you purchased something similar?  



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Maybe for HalloweenSmiley Wink

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I have something similar I bought a few months ago. Found them at Tuesday Morning, at a fraction of the price. They came with batteries. Perhaps I haven't used them enough to notice the battery life, but to me when it comes to battery life there are several variables. 

How good are the batteries? I don't expect the ones that came with it to last too long. After that, would you be using a name brand battery, or a store brand? Do you use rechargeable batteries? What setting are you using? Mine came with three different brightness settings.

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I bought one of the neck lights for DH earlier this year, and it's a handy little item.  How long the battery lasts, depends on the quality of the battery being used and how long and often the light is used.

Our light is still on the original batteries we put in, but we don't use the light all the time.  Now, with it getting dark earlier, and where DH likes to grill there is no light source, he wears it to grill and it works wonderfully well.

DH also uses it when he is fixing something and he needs a more direct light source.  Saves me from standing there aiming a flashlight.  

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@Bunsnoop I have this.  Lost the first one I bought and came back for a second one.  This is not something I use all the time, just when I need a spotlight.  I find it very useful, and I don't think I have run out of batteries.  Have had for several months, sporadic use, batteries in the whole time.  I do notice one light is brighter than the other one, which I would guess is a battery issue.  But plenty of light, I don't let it bother me.  The only con is sometimes figuring out where the on and off switch is while on my neck.  There are 2 settings.  Easier to take it off to turn it on and off.  Not a satisfying click on, but I find that immaterial.

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I bought two of these for Christmas gifts last year and they were a big hit.  My guy took his to work so I bought another one for home.  He used his at work the other day and when his coworkers saw them they really liked them. I order three sets for his coworkers as Christmas gifts.  Have had no battery issues, changed them one time since receiving last December.  A nice gift at a nice price!

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They have them on Amazon. Look just the same. I think they were $14.99.

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some of the ones on Amazon, are rechargeable with a USB cord. I think that is the way to go, instead of reg. batteries. did you happen to get that kind?

@Deb0509 wrote:

They have them on Amazon. Look just the same. I think they were $14.99.


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When I saw these on the homepage on the day they were a TSV, I thought it was the most ridiculous idea...until I watched a presentation, then I was converted.  I have a million ways I could use these.  The light was much brighter than I had anticipated, so they would be handy for a lot of things. I didn't order them, but put them in my Wish List for a future purchase.  Thanks for the tip about the ones on Amazon.  I will check them out.