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I’ve tried this brand twice and both times was a fail for me. I don’t wear my jeans skin tight. I like my jeans to be thicker and not thin and stretchy. 

Ive said before that my favorite jeans are from American Eagle and I’m sorry but these jeans from Laurie are not the same quality IMO. 

If these have worked for you then that’s good, but they didn’t impress me. I know we all have different wants and likes in clothing. 

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As an older person I like to wear my jeans higher; I don't really mind tighter if there is spandex. I wear longer tops with my jeans.

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If you like this look except without the working button, head over to Costco or BJ’s. Gloria Vanderbilt “Avery” for 14.99

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@Mermaid22 wrote:

If you like this look except without the working button, head over to Costco or BJ’s. Gloria Vanderbilt “Avery” for 14.99 



Not comparable. TSV worth extra money. 

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I think they are nice looking, but at my age, I am finding jeans , dress pants, joggers I need to try on in person.  I am an apple shape and I just do to many I cannot buy any more bottoms on the Q.  For me, doesnt make sense.  But for those that can, these jeans do look excellent, but cannot comment on the fit.  Happy shopping ladies.

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The TSV jeans didn’t even tempt me.  I saw them on Amy last night, and of course, she looked wonderful in them.  She looked good because her legs are very slim, especially her thighs.


i thought most of the models looked awful and heavy in them.  I was surprised when some of the models said they were wearing size small or medium.  The jeans were not flattering on them.


the jean looks painted on the thighs.  If you have a nice slim thigh, and are not knock kneed or bow legged, they would work.  Many women have a heavy thigh and this jean draws attention to that fact.  


I am sure they are comfortable, but they are a no go for my thighs.  If the models didn’t look great in them, I know that I would look reallly awful. Chub rub and skin tight jeans are not  a good look on anyone.  JMO.

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I haven't seen the presentation, but from the picture, they look like leggings to me, except for the bunching on the knees.  I'm just not a fan of jeans that are that tight-fitting.

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Tempted but notice how they are bagging on through area on Jill. Not worth shipping if need to return
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I have skinny pants and the TSV looks more like a legging to me.  I would definitely size up if I was interested.  I do think they are cute.  Tthe models wearing them too tight in my opinion.  Even on the smaller framed models the pants are pulling at the seams.  I have returned so many clothing items from QVC that had to be returned to to sizing issues.  I am older, fuller in the tummy, so it is necessary for me to try clothing on before purchasing.  I don't make New Year's resolutions but if I did, not ordering clothing online from QVC would be at the top of the list.  Just doesn't work for me.  I have great success with Macy's and Dillard's online because I know the brands that work on my body type.

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Those jeans are way too tight.  I don't think they look good on anyone,very uncomfortable looking.  Poor Jill looks awful in that top and those jeans. I thought she had some sort of cape on at first. Opinions...everyone has them.

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