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Hi all,

I'm new to the message boards and was wondering if any of you may know if Canon will be the TSV on Dec 20. If so, is there a way to tell what the tsv might be?

I missed the Canon Rebel TSV a couple of weeks back and am interested in purchasing this time around, if possible.

Thanks :-)

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There is a Canon Camera TSV on Dec 21st but I have no further info on what camera it will be. A few days before, QVC will send out an email about the TSV if you have signed up to receive TSV emails.

Edited: I see by looking at the Online program guide that QVC changed the date from Dec 21st to 20th. The Insider had the 21st.

I'm surprised they would do another camera since the last TSV was on Dec 1st.

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Yes, I was surprised as well. I will wait for the email notification. Thanks

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Maybe cameras are on the wishlist for Christmas. I have the Canon T5i, which I bought last year refurbished from Canon and I have to say, it's all I ever wanted in a camera.

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It's a Canon T5 18 MP DSLR with two lens and accessories. Check out reviews on and before you purchase. Looks good but then I'm already set on cameras with one DSLR similar to this but a Sony, one megazoom, and two point and shoot pocket cameras.