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When watching Leah's presentation, I thought the material to be thin and I noticed the cardigan bottonhole strip to be twisted at the bottom.  Not a flatering look on anyone I saw.  

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The material does look very thin and this is not something I would wear out to lunch, etc.


I'm disappointed in another lounge type TSV and was hoping for a set of leggings.

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I think it is a cute set for staying at home lounge wear, but I would be afraid of pilling with that fabric.


I would not pay that price for it.

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A lot of people seem to be buying it but I think Cuddle Duds is discount store quality. I was surprised when QVC started carrying it.  My experiences with it have not been happy.  Cheap fabric and construction.

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I don't use this word much but this set is totally ugly.

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I agree, I don't  care for this line at all.  I said once before that I had bought a set of their leggings a few years ago and they were the worst purchase I think I've made on the Q.

I wore them once, washed them (cold,gentle cycle, hung to dry) and they had the worst pilling I have ever seen!   Never bought anything by CD again and they had to be tossed, what a waste.

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31-inch inseam is NOT tall.  This drives me nuts with QVC.  How do they not know that 31 inches is NOT, NOT, NOT a tall inseam?!?!?!

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It looks very thin. That's strictly a summertime outfit where I live and our summer will be over soon. Even if I thought that set was a good value, I wouldn't purchase this time of year. What were they thinking?

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The colors are too pastel for my taste. 

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I recently bought a 3 piece lounge set exactly like this except no buttons on jacket at Costco for $15