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$80 for a oversized rayon/nylon cartigan sweater.

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I don’t typically spend this much on a sweater, but I’ve been looking for a long duster style like this and haven’t found what I want. I’m 5’4” and ordered the regular length which will be fine unless it’s really heavy. I would never order their original fabric.

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I don't think these are attractive and I love dusters. the material looks bulky and I note on heavier models every lump and bump shows. 


I love the Susan Graver liquid silk tops including the tunics. much more flattering and flow away from the body. and they hold up better than I bet the TSV brand will over time. 



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The tsv is too long & looks like a bathrobe.  These cardis tend to run huge.  The resort cardi is the only BD I have kept & the cozy chic lite is the best fabric imo.  I have never seen a photo of a celeb wearing BD and I doubt Ms O’s bathrobe was imported.

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This is my first Barefoot Dreams purchase. I ordered the Taupe Petite and wonder do I need to wash it before I wear it or go over it with a lint roller before it is worn? Had anyone else ordered the taupe, and you have already received it, how do you like it?