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@Othereeeen, since the pellet grill sold out, maybe QVC knows more about their demographics than you do.
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Since I don't eat meat and live alone, I would not get enough use out of this to buy it. But, I like the guest...he is an informative presenter who doesn't seem to get whipped up in a hard sell frenzy like more and more of them do these days. He used to sell the steaks and seems like an authentic food guy.

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@Kachina624 wrote:

Looks like the BBQer/vendor really knocked himself out to have a snappy appearance for his presentations.  Not!  That alone would turn me off if I'd had an inclination to buy.

From the presentations I saw yesterday off & on he looked fine to me. It was dreary here yesterday. It rained all day and was cold. When I saw him I had no complaints with how he was dressed, I just wished he didn't have to be outside most of the day.