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Re: TSV Ankle Pants in Winter?

@Skyegirl21 wrote:

I don’t get here as a TSV today.  I’m in New England, and wear socks everyday since it’s cold, so I wouldn’t even consider getting these pants now... .  I guess I could add socks and wear boots, but I wouldn’t-  and forget pumps, nope, that ship sailed long ago. 

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I live in the same weather as you OP. I'm in upper MIchigan and it is COLD and snowy. Why wouldn't you wear your ankle pants with boots? What kind of pants do you wear with boots? The kind you have to stuff into boots? I wear my ankle pants/jeans year round. WIth flats and ankle boots during the summer and with my big furry boots now. Life can't get any better! 

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Re: TSV Ankle Pants in Winter?

I was surprised that with all the models out there on the set, that they didn't show it with boots.

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Re: TSV Ankle Pants in Winter?

Hi ID2; for myself, I like a long leg pant, because I have short legs, so ankle length or cropped or even Capri length cuts them off making me look stumpier.

I always go with a long leg, I think it’s more flattering on everyone, but especially if you have short legs. i wear a long slim leg pants with ankle boot, not tucked.  It’s a better, longer line and balances my body type.  The only time I wear a shorter pant is the heat of summer.  Whatever works!    Enjoy them if you got them!  

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Re: TSV Ankle Pants in Winter?

Every model that they showed had bare legs.  I wear socks in the winter and think ankle pants look ridiculous.