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Does anyone know how this fan is different from the 14 inch they offered previously, besides the size? If you have that one, do you like it? I can get the older model for much cheaper. Thanks!

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I think it's 16 inches. I don't have this brand of fan, but it's similar to the Holmes model, which comes with a remote control. It's a good value though if you want to get it.
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I was thinking about getting the fan myself, but I dont know if it is as good as they say, so what should a gal do

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I think I will get one as I have quite a few oscillating fans that don't seem to work that well. Also, I would never spend the money for the Dyson as I think it is extremely overpriced. For the money, this seems like it would be a great alternative. I did a search on line for it This fan with a remote is $69.99 on the Air Innovations website so I think the TSV is a good deal with the timer. I never use remotes anyway. I also checked the Costco website and nothing like this available on there. So, I will give this a try!

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I had a previous model that I bought from QVC and it hardly blew any air around. I replaced it with a Vornado and love it. Also, $10 for shipping really increases the cost.

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It looks pretty good to me, so I'm getting it. Even with tax, shipping & handling, my cost will be about $20 less than it is on the Air Innovations website (I didn't check their shipping costs). I don't want a remote as that's just one more thing to keep track of & I already have remotes for several other items. I was more interested in the timer feature anyway.

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On 6/11/2014 turtle52 said:

I had a previous model that I bought from QVC and it hardly blew any air around. I replaced it with a Vornado and love it. Also, $10 for shipping really increases the cost.

I agree with your above comments. I had one like this and it was a complete waste of money. It did not blow any cool air--in fact it died on me and I threw it away. I would go to a local store and get one that really worked---not this.

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I purchased three of the TSV' for each room...I like the timer....and that I can use it in the stand and on a table...or in the looks very light weight...(hope that's not a disadvantage).....I checked several other places on the web and found this to be a good choice and good price...I bought them in black....

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I have last year's Air Innovations. It's barely OK...better air movement with the swirl cool feature on, but very loud and rattly...hated it for the bedroom. And with the swirl feature on you almost have to find where the air is moving. Kind of like it has "dead zones" in the air movement.

So I did something I normally would never do and bought the last Dyson TSV. I'm still in shock that paid such an insane amount for a fan, but...

I love it! Very quiet. Really does move the air a lot more like a natural breeze. Assuming this Dyson has any longevity, I think it is well worth the investment.

I've been relearning the hard way lately that there is something to that saying "you get what you pay for".

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I have 5 of these fans! Every year I get at least one of them. I'm always hot. I have ceiling fans in all rooms but still like to have a fan blowing on me.

They are small but they are just right for me to have blowing right on me. At night I often have two of them during the summer.

I like the way you can adjust the height of the fan and the speed and if you want it swirling and the remote control.