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I like the slimmer silhouette. The pants are flattering on everyone I've seen, most notably Jane T and some of the larger models. I thought that Pam looked much smaller than she does when she wears the beach pants and other billowy bottoms. I also don't think that the price is unreasonable.

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@SilleeMee wrote:

Just a hair above what I would call a legging.

In the picture posted here it looks more like a legging but when I caught a little of the presentation last night I thought it looked more like a slim pant.  Looked nice on Susan.  I guess it depends on your build/body type as to how snug they may be.


I do think they are a little expensive for a today's special value, especially when you factor in shipping and tax but my guess is they will sell very well and as long as they do, the price will not be less.

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They look a bit too form fitting for me. I prefer a tailored pant with less stretch, more room in the legs, and a zip fly. Pants are a tough fit for me so I prefer to try them on in person. Even then, I sometimes need a tailor to take in the waist. 

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The price plus shipping and tax make them no special value at all. 

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More like a TSV leotard.


Jen Coffey is wearing these right now. I though they were slim fitting "trousers," not stretch gloves. This look isn't easy to pull off as you become a Woman of a certain age.


I guess that didn't occur to them.

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I saw them.on Susan and they looked like leggings but on Pat they were more like pants.   Now I saw Jennifer in them and they're way to tight in the legs, don't look good at all. I like the black houndstooth but who knows how they would fit. Price is too much for what they are,too. 

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I thought they looked like leggings but Susan kept insisting they "aren't leggings"
With 12% spandex they're leggings
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I guess you can call them pants rather than leggings based on the thickness of the fabric. Generally speaking, leggings are made of thinner material than are pants. Fabric thickness is about the only difference between a pant and a legging.

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I'm trying them because I need some dressy pants and I don't want to go hunting at a store.  I am hoping they fit more like slim pants than leggings.  Some of the models and hosts wear their pants too tight, IMO.  Or it is their body type.

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IMO, big mistake to make the legs slimmer.  Looked like they were pasted on Jen and many others.  I would never wear them if they fit me like a second skin. Cat Surprised