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We know now.  Old fashioned, tight, stretchy knit pants for fall/winter.

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I love Susan's Weekend Premium Stretch pants.  I already have a black pair.  I bought them 2 years ago, for $10 less than this TSV.  Two years later, Yes, I'd pay today's TSV price for the quality of these pants.


But this TSV has only two solid colors, black and brown???  I don't like Susan's prints at all.  What about a great fall navy, wine, or forest green?


I pass on these.


Enjoy if you get them.  They really are fabulous if you find a color/print you like.  

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Another K-Mart blue light special.

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Leave it to Susan G to be the first to hit the runway with her fall collection. Ankle pants are a fav of mjine for sure. I think this style is truly iconic. Classic and classy women of the 1930s, 40s, 50s, 60, 70s, well you get my drift, never go out of style in a beautiful ankle pant.


A few of her choices in fabrics to me are a bit odd but the black/white checked, solid choc and black are all great to have in the closet. I'm a sucker for black and blue in a pattern, the geo is great. That's the pair I'm going for. 


Who's buying? How many pair? Do you like this style?

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@Magicrat    Unfortunately there hasn't been a K-Mart around for many years

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If I buy I might get the blue geo.  I like the print.  However I'm really not sure of these pants.  They seem like they hug the leg a bit more than I like. 


After looking at the measurements I would want to get a small in the hips but I don't like the knee area being that tight.  I would go up to a medium but that might be too big in the hip area.


When I saw it presented at midnight, I liked how they looked on Susan but not so much on the models or Jane.

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These are an easy pass for me. Her pants are too long for me even the petites and I don’t feel like getting them shortened. Day 25 of not buying from the Q!
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Was considering but now passing.  I'd rather wear jeans or joggers. Cat Indifferent

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Dull colors...and the black check is been there done that. Bought something similar over a year ago from Denim & Co.  I guess tsv's are very minimal designs to keep cost down but wish they could also be something new and exciting!

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Just a hair above what I would call a legging.