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I was just scrolling thru my TV channels and saw the TSV.


Why does the host have on one black glove?  Just curious.    I don't watch the programs so I don't know who the host is.  

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I am watching the Beauty show with Shawn this evening and she os wearing one black glove while using the Calista Faux Blow Airless curling thing. That might have been what you were seeing~

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But why is she wearing *one* glove?

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The host is Shawn.  She's a regular host.  I assume she has the glove on because she's touching the hot part of the curling iron as she's using it.  

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The item includes one black glove...that's why she has it on.

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It's a heat glove used so you don't burn your hand while wrapping your hair around the hot barrel.  Only one glove as you are holding the styling tool in the other.  Glove can be worn on right or left hand,