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Oh, and yes we ended up buying the TSV!  Looking forward to getting it as the screen is much larger then what we currently have.  Thanks again!

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Got the phone set up and it's really nice! I did the activtion online, and it was activated in literally 30 seconds! activation has always been quick, but this was REALLY quick. The only thing that will take a little getting used to is this is not a super AMOLEd screen like my Galaxy Sky was. So far I really like the phone.

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@JR88 wrote:

Oh, and yes we ended up buying the TSV!  Looking forward to getting it as the screen is much larger then what we currently have.  Thanks again!

I hope it works out for you! The 5.5 screen is nice. 

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I so agree that they should show the features people use every day like the ones you mentioned. To be fair, they did demo voice texting just not keyboard texting. I don't think the Sky J7 has LED notification from what I've read online and that could be why it wasn't shown. I've used an app to blink on my current phone and it works for texting but not calls. 

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Waited to see what the Q had to offer and decided to go back to HSN and order the Fiesta.  It was back in stock, but only a few cover options.  Have not set it up yet...have a couple months left on my old LG tracfone

Thanks for all the input !.

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I ordered the TSV Galaxy but keep seeing that the LG Fiesta is a good phone. What is it about the Fiesta that its your favorite phone, especially anything you might know of that differenciates it from the TSV Galaxy? I currently have a fairly nice LG Tracfone but I need more memory (current one is only 8)


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@dutch girl What I love about the LG Fiesta are that it is an LG as every LG phone I have had have never given me any problem. It has 16 gb of storage which I like and you can add a SD card that can go up to a 2 TB of and a 13 gb camera that takes great photos. The Fiesta has the newest operating system. The Galaxy Sky -if that is the model you have-is a very nice phone also. The only difference I saw in my friend's phone was the screen was a little sharper. The buttons on the front were different than mine also. The Fiesta has a great screen also. I love the ease of the Fiesta to use but the TSV was nice also. If you call Tracfone it was easiest to set mine up especially transferring minutes and my number. If anyone that has a Tracfone also puts the Google Photo app on their computer as well as the one on their phone they will automatically show up on both when opened. That way if you save them on an SD card they should not be lost. Either Tracfone are really nice. Let us know what you think. It may take a few days to get used to the larger 5.5" phone but after that it is awesome.

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I have a question about the Galaxy Prime I have from last yrs. TSV. I wanted to sync fb to that phone from my computer, for some reason, it didn't work, and I ended up with a seperate fb acct., which made it a new acct., and I do not want that. I may be giving this phone to my son, now that I just got the J7, I want to fully delete it from this phone. Can someone please tell me how I can do this? I have tried to delete it, and I can't get it to work. Thank you for any help you can give me!!!!  I'm just going to stick with fb on my pc and my NuVisoin tablet I also have from QVC. I was able to sync the tablet with no problem.