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Missed the HSN Tracfone a few weeks ago ....does anyone know if there is one on the horizon on the Q ?


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 I don't know when a new Tracfone will be a TSV, but I was just reading on HSN about their newest LG phone which so many are returning because they didn't offer triple minutes for life.  With that knowledge, I think I'll keep my old triple minutes phone.

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Hey Diane, can't tell if there is one soon But I have noticed that all 3 of the big shopping networks do have one in late fall into Dec.  And if you can wait that long, they will normally be for the lowest price of the year.  I got a 5.5" screen-w-1300 minutes/data/text (and triple everything for the life of the phone) for under $50 from Evine last year for the hubby.  Only one color but you can't beat the price and it does everything our daughter's expensive (monthly billed) newest type smart phone (just one step down from an apple) does.  And of course it rolled over everything from his last phone, so I haven't had to spend a penny buying him any minutes yet, this year. 

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I bought the HSN TSV LG Fiesta Tracfone and it is amazing. It is the best Tracfone I ever owned in 10 years.

The triple minutes are exactly the same except it is worded differently on the cards. I got 1500 minutes text and data instead of the card that would have stated 500 minutes text and data that will be tripled to 1500 minutes. I taped all the demos and they clearly stated this many times. This Lg Fiesta was the easiest I ever set-up and it only took 10 minutes with a Tracfone Rep I called. They were very easy to understand and transferred my phone number and my minutes to the new phone. Awesome. It takes excellent photos and the clarity is as good as my friends newest iPhone. The Lg only went up $10.00 and the reviews speak high praises for the ones that listens to the Host about the triple minutes. It also has an SD slot on the outside so you don't take the back off. You are NOT suppose to take the back off. All iPhones are like that. I have never had to replace a battery on any Tracfone I had. The SIM card is in the SD slot on the outside also. Hope this helps anyone upset about triple minutes. It's basically just in the wording as you end up the same.


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@MKR NY wrote:

The triple minutes are exactly the same except it is worded differently on the cards. I got 1500 minutes text and data instead of the card that would have stated 500 minutes text and data that will be tripled to 1500 minutes... It's basically just in the wording as you end up the same.


@MKR NY I don't think it's the initial minutes people are referring to.  It's when you want to add more minutes.  If you add a 400 minute card later, it won't triple to 1200 minutes, as it does on other phones.  For me, it's not an issue, as I have a ton of minutes on my current phone that would rollover.


Also, this phone started with 1500 minutes and others previously came with 1200-1300, so this does give you a little more to start with.  But if you use a lot of minutes, then the triple for life might be important.


I do wonder if they are going to stop offering triple minutes for life on all the newer phone deals??

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@sueinsf      I understand what you are saying. The Hosts stated "that All New Tracfones coming out will no longer will have triple minutes" but you will get more minutes for a better price. I am like you as I am more of a casual user and this is not a main phone for me. I like having no bills and my minutes rolling over. My phone minutes, text and data are good until 2019 and I have almost 6000 minutes etc from them rolling over. The new Tracfones going forward are not triple minutes but instead of the phone tripling what you add, the new card will put the same amount on in one amount. The phone won't do it rather the card PIN will when you enter it.

I only use my data in places if away from home so I really don't even need that. I have added 1000 Text for $5.00 from before I got my new phone. I had no problem with minutes etc transferring over. If that happens you need to call Tracfone and they can do that for the ones having lost theirs.

This phone is amazing and well worth not having triple minutes. I was glad I didn't pass on this one. Smiley Happy

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 Many tracfone users, myself included, use the initial minutes for the year of service and then do not buy more minutes or service time but instead buy a new tracfone that comes with service days and minutes.


In this situation you would never buy minutes that need to be tripled - so the new policy doesn't really make a difference!

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I saw Dan Hughes present a TracFone a couple days ago I would have bought instantly if I didn't already have one that's practically new.  It was a flip phone with smart phone features.  Just open to answer a call, close to disconnect.  I love flip phones, they stay so nice and clean and are easy to handle. 

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E230502 My husband has this ZTE Tracfone Flip phone and loves it. QVC has the best deal on this. It was easy to set up and I don't know why the reviews aren't better. It is a lot more money on HSN for it. My husband wouldn't upgrade his flip phone but when I showed him this he said he would try it. He wouldn't give it up now. It is a smartphone disguised as a flip phone. Ha! He is trying more and learning what I didn't show him. He loves talking to Google and sending text messages. I was impressed myself. I wouldn't give up my new Lg Fiesta and he wouldn't give up his ZTE phone. Nice to both love our Tracfones. They really are the best deal for us. Smiley Happy

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My mom and stepdad have Tracfone. Her phone is a Galaxy Note 4 that I gave her when I left Verizon. Tracfone was the only reputable vendor to allow that phone to be used and she loves it. My stepdad's phone is one she bought for him off HSN years ago. He barely uses minutes and never surfs the web so he doesn't need extra minutes. I bought my phone off HSN this winter - a Samsung Galaxy J7 through Boost Mobile. I do the $50/month unlimited talk/text/data which is perfect for me since I surf the web and read on it. It has a 5.5 inch screen. I thought about Tracfone but didn't want to keep purchasing minutes.