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I would love to see a salt & pepper wig.  She currently offers only the silver.

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Received my Anytime wig & it went back the same day.  First the hair was strange and had no shape when shook out. It all bent to one side.  The wig cap would not stay in place.  Like the other customer it would just pop up an inch above my ears.  I have a Gabor wig I love and will just stick with them.  To the lady with the hearing aid......the cap goes above the ears so would not affect a hearing aid.  It does get a little dicey if you wear glasses.

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@BirkiLady wrote:

@esmerelda  Carolyn Gracie had those wigs on today. She did an excellent presentation and tried every style on! Carolyn was adorable in a short wig and looked like she did when first hosting over 10 years ago. Such a FUN and fascinating program. And, yes, it sounds like these are a better product. 

Then, Stacy Stauffer hosted the wig program on Q2 trying on one wig and keeping the ugly thing on during the entire presentation. Didn't even style it.  BORING and disappointing program. Kind of her normal style.   

Stacy Stauffer is no longer on QVC. Can you wonder why?

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My friend who just turned sixty has lost most of her hair now.She bought the seville wig, she states it does take some getting used to putting it on and off and taking care of it. But, she loves it, and so do i. It looks fantastic on her, and it looks like her real hair. Took years off, and her spirit changed to more positive and confident. Genetics played a large part in her hair loss. She, tried to match the color most like her real hair. She, took it to her hairdresser and she cut it in mid length layers, WOE! it looks great  highlights and all. She, bought another one on either amazon or Anyway, i think anything that lifts our spirit, we should try. She, wears a apple ear piece alot and glasses, and she doesn't have problems. Utube, shows how to put on wigs and care for them, that helped her to put her foot in the water. I, would always look for a hairpiece that looks realistic, comfortable, and easy to care for. Like false teeth, we always want them to look real and comfortable, same with hair.We, want to look our best, and will feel our best. Some of these vendors should think, would i really wear this product myself? They, should all wear them to know what their really selling, it's NOT a HAT!. It should look like part of that person,REAL!.  Hope, you find what your looking for on your personal journey, that makes you feel your best. Alot, of support and much kindness on these forums, what a blessing.