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Re: T. Jazelle TSV Coming June 24, 2022!

@fairydogmother wrote:

I ordered four bracelets from Etsy this morning. Genuine gemstone beads. Tourmaline, sea sediment jasper, garnet. Total cost $48. Free shipping. I think these are beautiful. I chose them for the styles and the stones. The colors will go with many outfits. 

I am impressed by your choices. I think these are better than the TSV. I will never understand the argument made in America should cost more. It makes no sense. Where did they get these beads? Most of the time you are paying for a name.

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Re: T. Jazelle TSV Coming June 24, 2022!

Thank you, @elated. I looked tons of beaded bracelets before narrowing down. The tourmaline looks beautiful in the photo. I hope it’s as nice in person. Tourmaline is one of the birthstones of October along with opal. My late son’s birthday was in October. Garnet, especially the redder variety, is so pretty. This bracelet will go well with a small bead garnet necklace that I have. And Jasper is one of my faves, in its many varieties. I don’t really believe in the metaphysical properties but then again, I can’t prove those qualities/benefits to be wrong, so… lol. I do enjoy reading about them. And I hope that the tsv bracelets bring pleasure to everyone buying them 🥰👍🏻

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