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Re: Susan Graver TSV

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@Amaw wrote:

Thank you LipstickDiva.  I love when something is made in America but it doesn't necessarily have to be made in America I just don't want it to be made by slaves.  There are many countries that make wonderful clothing and don't force their citizense into slave labor.  Please QVC, list where your items are manufactured!

@Amaw.  Its very difficult for them to definitively say a garment was made in X country when the buttons and thread may have been made one place, the fabric another and the assembly and sewing done in yet another.  How to decide which to list?  We're now a world community and things aren't made in just one place.  That computer you buy made in China contains components made by the Intel Corp. in the USA.


QVC CS sees the same item description we see.



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That's not true Kachina624.  If I order the TSV it will surely come with a label that says where it was manufactured.  Some of the materials for the item may come from somewhere else but the manufacturing country is listed on the garmet.  I am/was tempted to purchase the TSV and if it was manufactured in a slave labor country I would return it.  Just not sure it's worth the risk of the shipping cost.  

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I love the premium strech fabric but not a fan of the cargo pocket on the leg. So I will pass on this.

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I've never made a big deal about knowing where my purchases are manufactured, but I am seeing the significance -  The owner of the company must know where they are outsourcing the manufacturing, I would think!  Slave labor is a horrible thought... They should tell buyers. Thank you Amaw-

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I saw these on the petite model who wears a medium. They looked very snug on her. I don't think they are flattering. It makes me wonder if you have to go up a size.  


I think they know where the clothing is manufactured, they don't want you to know. They will loose sales. You have to come to your own decision.

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@LipstickDiva  I know the question wasn't really answered, but I wanted the OP to see it anyway.  I think most people can guess what country this TSV was more than likely made.  

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Thanks everyone for responding.  I opted not to buy the TSV but if you will post where it was manufacturered when you get it that would be helpful.  I love Susan's products I just wish she would know who was making them. Thanks.


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I wished they had used the last item in the show - one time special as the tsv. The joggers with the zippers on the legs, those were cute. I didn't order them but it was a great price. 

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They should divulge that information during the presentation of each item.  Look at her other clothes, probably from the same place.

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Just a thought... Your concern about slave labor is admirable and I commend you for that. I now started to wonder how many people are employed in the US at below minimum wage in this country. Some would consider it slave labor as well.