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Re: Susan Graver TSV

My thoughts exactly.  I do like some of Susan's clothes, but they have gotten expensive.  Plus, so sorry but I have to mute her when she's on because she talks over the hosts especially when I want to hear what they're saying.  

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Re: Susan Graver TSV

@Rockycoast56  You know, I think many of us are so burned out on her stuff. Nothing has changed in the fabrics, the designs, styles in all these years except the price tag. At t his point after all these years if we don't have enough of liquid knit, well I just don't know.


What I do know is I am way tired of SG wears. I stopped buying her stuff years ago when the prices went through the roof, certainly not worth it.

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Re: Susan Graver TSV

I have always liked Susan's clothes and have purchased several through the years. These pants are a big NO for me, especially as a TSV.

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