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Easy pass for me and probably still overpriced. I have many SG tops and I like them but this pant does not appeal to me. Thanks for the info

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another short pant . Will pass

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I thought the SG TSV were utility pants?  Are these utility pants?

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@banned again 


Thank you for letting us know!  If this is indeed the TSV, I may be in depending on the cost.  I would have liked to have these pants in my closet about 2 months ago, but that's okay.  Graver's pants fit me well and I find that the quality is always there..

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they look like they might be a linen blend, so it will depend on the wrinkle factor.

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These look very nice but how many pants can a retired person wear????  I need to pass on this one....maybe next year.  i have a hard time wearing the many clothes I have already!!!   

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@bargainsgirl Your comment also applies to me! LOL
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I don't wear short pants ... and have some full length pants in a similar style linen blend that I bought a year or two ago from LandsEnd and JCP  ... still wearing.



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I was hoping for yet another liquid knit tunic. Im crazy for her knit. I have so much SG,,,do not need any more pants for sure.  Will have to pass, but she will have some sales on that day, so looking forward to those. Smiley Happy