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@Kindaglitzy wrote:
@bargainsgirlYour comment also applies to me! LOL

And me too. So many outfits just hanging there. 

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I like the pants and the linen top...but at $60 a piece....I'm thinking.  

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I did not see the presentation but from the photos they do not appeal to me

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I'm not crazy about how visible the outline of the pockets are.

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I like the "idea" of a linen blend. That usually seems to me a classy look. In reality I don't want to iron a garment after every laundering. That makes me not want to wear the item very often. So I'll pass. Even though these are nice looking pants. 

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If you have some place to go,i think the pants,and shirt would be nice, but i do not ,just a few days ago ,i washed 2 big shirts from  her,i would guess 14 yrs.ago from her, they are gauze.

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A few things are "off" with these pants (JMO), but too baggy all over, too loose in the leg and the length is just not here or there... I like SG but these are not flattering. 

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I like those type of pants, but somehow those are a little off.  Most of the models looked bad in them.  Jayne Brown looked good in the white and Katia looked good in them (of course). 

They're overpriced, too.  I bought a similar pair of Liz Claibornes at JCP. $20 with coupon.  Love them.

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I’m watching Susan now w/ Jen Coffee. I’m assuming they are not selling all that well. Susan seems to be doing the hard sell now.