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I just received my TSV distressed jeans today and I am very happy.  I ordered the antique wash, and since I don't care for the look of ankle pants (high waters!) LOL, I ordered them in Tall and they fit like regular length pants.  I'd like to get another pair in the lightest wash eventually as I love the way they fit.

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I ordered a pair too and received them. They are a bit big on me, but I do like them. They are not near all torn up like teens jeans. And they are not high water for me, but just the right length (I got the regular). Although I did not wear them out (just tried them on) and then I washed them to see if they would shrink "and fit better" and the 1 inside interfacing patch (under the tear) came off in 1 wash! (I can fix it if I keep those). I ordered a another pair to see if they fit better. I will probably just keep whichever fits best and send the other back. (and PS there are other complaints in reviews of the interfacing coming off). 

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@MalteseMomma wrote:

I'm an "old hippy"  too  but I  really don't like that worn out look,with holes in them


. I just do not understand why everyone wants holes in their jeans ????????


Haha... I hate those "distressed" jeans too. I'm an "old hippy" - we lived through buying a new pair of Levis and running them over with your car, bleaching them, and washing them repeatedly. That was early '70s. Then in the '90s, the look of  torn up jeans was back in. Now these kids think they invented something with their ripped jeans, but it's been done to death. LOL


I have NO INTEREST in wearing something that kids think is cool. That's a reason NOT to wear them...