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BigDeal = No size 12 = No Deal Smiley Mad







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Can anyone tell me if these are good for plantar fascitis?? Thanks!

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I have plantar fasciitis and the podiatrist recommended Spenco.  I have a few pair and for me they are just ok.  I have better luck with Birkenstocks.  I find they make my feet sweat because it’s a plastic footbed.  I wear them around the house like slippers, but for going out and about I don’t get enough support.

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Can anyone tell me if these are good for plantar fascitis?? Thanks!

Yes. The Spenco mules provided great relief for my plantar fasciitis.... Along with stretching and icing. I just ordered two pairs of today’s Big Deal.

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When I first looked at these on-line I thought they had a sueded footbed, but they do not. That's the deal breaker for me. My feet will sweat in these and then I will be slipping all over the place.Woman Tongue Too bad because I was hoping they would come in wides and now that they do there's no nice footbed so I have to pass on these.

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My sister had Plantar Faciatis and her podiatrist recommended Spenco. I was going to alert her to this deal but she takes a size 12 W and they don't carry that size for this style. 

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I wasn’t happy with the style of the Spenco “big deal” I like shoes/sandals that cover the inside of the feet for personal reasons. They just weren’t for me.
I’ve got problematic feet, after nearly 35 years as an R.N.. So, for me....I buy Vionics, Allegria or sometimes a well made Sketcher or Clarks shoe (Like today’s tsv). Gone are the days of wearing narrow front pumps!

I have plantar fasciitis on the right from a badly crushed ankle that required plates & screw. Plus, I’m just recovering from surgery for a dislocated metatarsal bone & huge bunion like calcification. There the surgeon put a rod & plate to fuse the metatarsal. So now i have metal in both feet & ankle. I get the 2nd cast today (Yay!) it’s amazing the inventive ways one can figure out to get up & down stairs with, a long term cast(s)!!!

Can’t wait to wear cute summer shoes again! Just need good orthotic type support!

Vionics are my fav as they are so very comfy. I’m not thrilled with the trendy styles this year!

I so wish QVC would have more styles that were in wides & narrows. We aren’t all a cookie cutter sized!