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I have nothing from Spanx but this bra looks tempting.  Not sure about the removeable cups.  With other bras, the cups seemed to slide around.  I would get XL since I am a 36 C but I hope it's not too tight.  I don't like compression!!

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I have 3 spanx bra's, not this one.  I love mine.  There is not a problem with the removable cups, except they are a little hard to get into the small opening.

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I have learned, with this type of bra if you have to go way up in size to get the cup size, it will slide around and still give uniboob.  I see them in the gym with a smaller cup size only.

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I was just looking at questions and answers and noticed that there were several  asking where product is made, but no answers.  Does anyone know?

I am a breast cancer survivor with a really soft and pliable boob but don't think this will

work for me.  (If the pad that comes with it is hard to get back in the little slot).

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I like this Spanx bra better than any Aah bras.  This one doesn't flatten... but warning it does run small. 38D and 2X fit.  I think double layers make it to run smaller.