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Does anyone know if Spanx is going to have a velvet legging TSV?   I thought I read that somewhere, but not sure.

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@ EZ SHOPPER, I believe they are going to have the velvet leggings as a TSV. Funny thing....occasionally I will type in "TSV" in the search bar to see what the upcoming TSV's will be, and the other day they were posted, but I think it was posted in error, as the TSV price was not listed and there was only 1 color in limited quantities. I think someone jumped the gun and posted, because the next day it was gone LOL. So I am strongly thinking they will! On another note, I have them in 2 colors and they are quite fabulous Smiley Happy
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The velvet leggings will be the TSV for the 19th. I think the preorder is sold out...??


If you're looking for a more affordable black velvet legging by Spanx, then check out their ASSETS leggings. Those are only $30 at Target dot com, come in black only.