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Who came up with this idea for a TSV?!?!?!?   Really?  

They are selling, so as long as they do, QVC will continue to offer them.


They remind me of the “Emperor’s new clothes”   The models look naked with painted bodies.


They are fine for the gym, but they do show every bump, lump and outline of the legs and butt and.....????.  They are not modest attire for a grown women.


There will always be women who will wear anything and convince themselves that they look nice and the clothing is flattering, and nothing will convince them otherwise.


They are free to wear what they want to, as is everyone else.  

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What is the difference between these and WWC ones?

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I have a few pairs of Spanx leggings.   I really like them and I am in my 50's.   It's what I mostly wear my Logo tops with.  They are comfy and flattering.  They have tummy control and actually in my case make me look thinner than I am.   Not sure if this is the actual item # that I have but they look quite similar.   You really have to try them to know for sure.  You have to remember you won't be under studio lights when wearing as far as  someone stating they are see thru.  I don't have that problem with mine.

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@traveler  You are better off with the Spanx leggings in my opinion.

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I don't know if anyone else has this problem......I tried to click on reviews, however QVC is blocking me from looking at them.





I am using Firefox on a desktop....I just read all the pages of reviews on the TSV.


I get a different QVC depending on the electronic I am using!  On my Amazon tablet, I still have the unusable Wish List, can't view Items recently aired among other issues.


Ipad...different again...


Internet explorer....different again



Makes me NUTS!


BTW- I love leggings.  Wear them all the time but Spanx just don't work for me.  I size up, still can't get them on...size up again?  Too loose in the waist.  I HAVE the chicken legs someone spoke about, but Spanx are too thick of a material for me.  I only need that compression in my belly, not on my legs.

Logo leggings are my #1, followed by Linea and then WWC.

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The TSV is mainly nylon.  WWC at least has cotton, perhaps poly as well.


I checked the reviews--80% are negative--sizing is way off.  According to the size chart, I take an XL and I wear Sm. in all other leggings.  One reviewer did go up 2 sizes, and it was a "miss."  Ladies beware!

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I would like to try this TSV but it doesn't come in Tall.

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JUST NOOOOOOOO !!!!! oh my is right !!!!!!!!!

Shawn tonight will say she bought 88 pairs of

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These don't look good on Anybody.  Easy Pass!!!!  

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Yes @wakefield64 - back in the day tights were to be worn under something.  When I see someone in tights with a short top I can't believe it.  "Everything" shows and I don't want to see it.