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@Chi-town girlwrote:

74k sold today! 


@Chi-town girl

make that 74003.....LOL, i just finished ordering the black, the black geo, and the garnet rose.

Lol @sunshine45 Woman LOL Love that garnet rose. They do prints wellHeart enjoy!


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It seems to me there’s lots of fussing on this board every time QVC offers a product targeted toward someone too young for AARP.

I’m a hefty girl myself and look smashing in my Spanx leggings.

I'm a hefty girl too, very hefty. I don't own any Spanx but I own other brands of leggings, all black, and worn under long tunics and short dresses they look really good. Some of these posters need to check themselves and stop acting like mean girls everytime clothes are sold that aren't long dress slacks and a button-down shirt with pearls. Or declare that certain body types and sizes shouldn't wear certain types of clothes. I think I should make one of those bingo cards made up of the old and predictable comments when it comes to clothes and post it on these threads.

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why would they show them on a hanger.  That would make no sense.  I happen to love the Soanx leggings. I have several green camo, berry camo and Black camo. I also have Navy and ordered the Olice Green today. I already have the desert camo which I bough on on sale. , 

@Teddixat: All other brands of leggings that are sold on the Q are shown on hangers, e.g. LOGO and Women With Control. I found it odd that Spanx is the only brand of leggings that doesn't do this. I've never seen them in B&M stores, and not seeing this in the presentation prevented me from ordering them.


I thought most customers want to see what the product looks like right out of the package, not just on mannequins and models. Obviously, doing that with this brand wouldn't do it justice, and that's the reason it wasn't done.

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I bought them last year and they are like turniquets! They are really structured and uncomfortable. 

That's because you were wearing the wrong size.

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I passed on these "leggings". They are very thin and leave nothing to the imagination! Don't like the crop feature either. Just bad all around.

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Re: Spanx TSV- oh my

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Well, it’s been about a week and the reviews on these Spanx are in.  They are too tight and too hot and uncomfortable...more like shapewear than leggings.


Some  of the reviews are downright funny with the hilarious descriptions of women trying to get into these leggings.


What  is not so funny is now they will have to pay to return them.  If you passed, it sounds like you made a good decision.

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I love mine - bought 2 pair and already wore one to yoga. Love the wide waistband.


I also go up 2 sizes even though they tell you to only go up one Q size, so no wrestling to get into them. 

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I love them. If anyone bought the wrong size exchanges are free so no $ loss for them to worry about.

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Many of the reviewers said they went up two sizes and they still were too tight.   Anyway, I enjoyed reading some of the funny reviews and descriptions.

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Unfortunately, I returned mine today. I did order up to a size Large. 

They were really tight and the material was really too heavy for Summer leggings. I wanted them to work, but I really didn't think they did. For that price, I wanted to love them, but I just didn't.